How to Master Online Blackjack: Your guide to win!

March 4, 2021

When it comes to casino games, several options are there for a gambler, like poker, slots, roulette, and so on. But, amongst these, Blackjack is way more famous and one of the most preferred card games on the LuckyNiki platform.

The online version of Blackjack is a little different than the primary version. When you play on LuckyNiki, a live dealer handles the cards, sets the upcard value, and controls the chip betting. In this game, each round is between you and the dealer. Playing Blackjack is easier than poker or any other card game. But, one needs to have a complete idea, starting from the game’s objective to the process of playing and mastering.

What are the rules of the Blackjack game?

As we said earlier, each blackjack round is between you and the dealer. So, you need to bet against the live dealer to win the game. Now, in order to win, you need to be aware of some basic rules. If these are followed, you can win the round and maximize your money.

  • Your purpose is to get a score of 21 or a higher value than the dealer.
  • If your score is higher than 21, then you are automatically out of the game.
  • If you draw a total hand value of 21 within the first two cards, but the dealer fails to do so, you will win the game.
  • On the off chance that your score matches the dealer’s score, at that point, your bet is discounted and refunded back to you. This is known as a ‘push.’ 
  • Before cards are dealt, bets need to be placed.
  • Two face-up cards are distributed to the player.
  • The dealer begins with one face-up card and one face-down card.
  • Pairs can be split and turned into two separate bets.
  • To continue in the game, the dealer Must Stand on 17 and Draw to 16.

When you play with the dealer, your hand value will be pitted against him. So, even if you draw more hand value than the dealer, you will win the round.

What is the card deck’s count in Blackjack?

Blackjack is played with several hand symbols, and each depends on the total card value you have. Unlike standard card games, in Blackjack, hand values are assigned to each suit of the 52 card deck. For playing the game, you will have to learn more about the hand count.

  1. The suit cards from 2 to 10 will have a hand count equal to the face value. Hence, the tenth card will have a hand value of 10, while the fourth card will have four hand value. 
  2. The Ace might act as one hand count or 11 hand count value, depending on the player’s choice. 
  3. The three face cards (King, Queen, and Jack ) are considered to have a hand value of 10.

What is the table arrangement for the Blackjack?

The blackjack tables look like a semicircular platform where the live dealer will stand at the concave part, and you will be seated opposite the dealer. The dealer will keep the chips and cards in front of him.

Terminology used in the Blackjack game:

To Ace, in any game, one must be well aware of the game. So, let’s have a look at the words you must know in order to play Blackjack and be successful.

  1. Stand: In the event of having high cards that can get you busted, a player will probably stand. When you stand, your chance is skipped.
  2. Hit: In order to get close to 21, when a  player chooses to draw a new card, it is called Hit.
  3. Bust: This is the end of your game. When your hand exceeds 21, you are busted and no more a part of the round.
  4. Fold: When you choose to withdraw yourself from the game because you know you might lose, it’s called fold.
  5. Split: When you have two identical cards or the same value cards, you can choose to split your hand into two separate bets.
  6. Double Down: When you think you have winning cards, you can choose to double your bet and receive a new card. When you win, your bet is doubled, but you cannot draw a new card the entire game.

How is Blackjack played?

For playing the blackjack game at LuckyNiki, you will have to follow a series of steps that will allow you to play the game entirely without making some blunders and losing the game.

  1. Registration: you need first to register yourself on the LuckyNiki website. If you are a new user, you will be prompted to create an account. Necessary details need to be provided at the time of registration. Once the account is created, log in with the user ID and password, and then go to the games section to enjoy the Blackjack game.
  2. Buying the chips: gone are the days when a player had to place the cash on the table, and a pit boss was involved in the buying process. At LuckyNiki, you can use your preferred payment option and pay the buy-in amount of the chips. The live dealer will see the amount you paid and give you the same denominations’ chips. 
  3. Placing a bet: the next task is to place the wager or the bet. There will be a specific place on the table where the stakes need to be placed. At LuckyNiki, there is a minimum limit you need to put as a bet per hand. The maximum can be anything. 
  4. Dealing with the cards: even though the live dealer will deal the cards, it won’t manage the bet and payouts’ chip collection. All of this will be monitored by the automation system of the website. The dealer will give you two cards, both of them face-up while showing his one card face up and the other one face-down.
  5. Deciding on the hands you want to play: next, you have to decide which hand you want to play. This will depend on the total card value you have and whether you wish to change it. Four hand options are there for the player- stand, hit, double down, and split.
  6. Live dealer playing hands: now, it’s the dealer’s time to play the hand. He will show his hidden card. If the total face value is 16 or less, he will play the ‘hit’ hand. Only when he reaches 17 or more he will stop hitting.
  7. Payouts: the last step is the payout, where either the live dealer will win, or you will win. The payouts will be given out to you if you are closest to 21 and have higher cards than the dealer.

What are some ways to win the odds in Blackjack?

It’s not easy to win the blackjack game, regardless of how many times you have played. This is why knowing about the ways of mastering this game is essential. Here, we have compiled some tips to give you the push you need before the game starts. 

  • Always show a ‘hit’ hand if your total card’s face value is eight or below it. With a hit, you will be able to get close to 21 as much as possible. 
  • Do not split into three pairs- 4, 5, and 10, because the chances of winning after splitting any of these three pairs will be reduced. 
  • Do not stand when you have a total card’s face value of 12 to 16 while the dealer has a seven or more card value. 
  • Always make sure to have a strategy to win the game against a dealer. Learn more about how you can take advantage of the dealer’s weak points for the hands. 

Well, now you are all set to play and win in the Blackjack game. Use these tips and technique to uplift your game and earn at the same time. LuckyNiki has several options when it comes to blackjack tables, and hence, you will be able to play as per your convenience. Just make sure to understand how the live dealer will use his/her hand and how you should play the hand.

Playing online just got easier!

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